Key Dates

  1. Saturday 1st May – 2 x laps Richmond Park (22km around park or 42km from Notting Hill  (aimed at 18-22kph riders)

  2. Thursday 6th May –  Regents Park Laps (45-60mins)

  3. Saturday 15th May – Surrey Hills ( 120km 24-28kph)

  4. Friday 21st May – 3 x laps of Richmond Park 

  5. Thursday  27th May  Regents Park Laps (45-60mins)

  6. Sunday 13th June – Surrey Hills ( 2 rides one x 120km and one x 80km)

  7. Saturday 19th June  –Tour of the London Topography 36k


  • You will need a good hybrid or road bike

  • Get your bike serviced in plenty of time before ride

  • Join the GFFR strata group

Fox Bees

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